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Specifying a ribbon design

Information needed:

Ring radii and the number of segments.
Shape factors for the cone ends.
Cone wall thickness.
The amount of "dish" if any.
Whether any of the top and bottom surfaces are to be horizontal when the ring is assembled.

Notes :

Figure 1 An aid to choosing the S factors.
drawings of shallow and deep shapes

Ribbon Ring

Project Title

Which units are you using

Ring Details



Ribbon Details

Is this for the large end of the cone?


Which surfaces are to be horizontal: None One Both

Ring details
Outside radius TBD Inside radius TBD No. of segments TBD
Outside length TBD inside length TBD Segment width TBD
Cone details
Outer end shape factor TBD Inner end shape factor TBD Wall thickness TBD
Large end chord TBD Small end chord TBD Bevel angle TBD
Large end diameter TBD Small end diameter TBD sanding board angle TBD
Work piece details
Thickness of upper piece TBD Thickness of lower piece TBD lengths of work pieces TBD
angle at ends of work pieces TBD Offset, joint to centre, large end TBD Width of both pieces TBD
Offset, joint to centre, small end TBD Holder face angle TBD TBD
turning information
pattern small end TBD pattern large end TBD length of pattern TBD angle of pattern TBD